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Smile Squad

untitled-1041 copyIMG_5561We’d like to announce a new initiative that we have started within the practice. We have called it ‘Smile Squad’.

This is a program for children aged 5-12 to give them hygiene and dietary education about their dental health.

We have a fantastic team of staff within the practice, who are all motivated to deliver great dentistry and preventative care.

We believe passionately that it is critically important to educate our children to assist them in making better choices and to broaden their skills if they are to have a healthy dental future.

‘Smile Squad’ is a fun and educational way of introducing children to the dental environment.

Our Hygienist Rachel Cafferkey is delivering ‘Smile Squad’ which involves,

  • Tooth brushing demonstration
  • Tooth brushing practice (with the aid of disclosing tablets)
  • Education about hidden sugars in food and drink
  • Education about making wiser food choices
  • Practical interactive exercise on the ‘Acid Clock’
  • Education for the children’s parents.

We have invested lots of time and energy into creating this interactive and practical training and hope that the children enjoy it.

We provide dentally relevant “goody packs” including tooth brushing charts and stickers, disclosing tablets, toothpaste and toothbrushes to the children.