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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read though all of the FAQs and are still in need of support, feel free to get in touch with us. Fill in the form on the contact page or telephone our Tralee dental practice. We will reply within 24hrs. Please be aware that treatment planning can only be provided once you have been examined by a dentist.

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With all the changes to the social welfare and medical card services, what am I actually entitled to now?

Patients who qualify under the dental treatment benefit scheme (PRSI) are entitled to have one examination and any necessary small x-rays in each calendar year, and one subsidised cleaning each year.

How much is my treatment going to cost?

Once a treatment plan has been formulated, you will be provided with a full breakdown of costs.  Instalment options are available for Invisalign and other treatments by arrangement. For more information please see our fee guide, or contact our receptionist Eileen, who will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I claim tax relief on my dental treatment?

Tax relief is available for implants, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, gum treatment (excluding routine cleanings), veneers and Invisalign. If your treatment is eligible for tax relief, we will provide you with the appropriate paperwork to claim it. 

I'm very nervous... How can you help?

The dentist will take time to explain your treatment to you. We always use surface anaesthetic gels or sprays before injections. We can prescribe tablet medication to relax you prior to your treatment. For patients receiving difficult treatment or who are very nervous, Dr Colm O’Loghlen is fully trained to provide intravenous conscious sedation.

The practice seems to offer lots of complex treatments, are you competent to do all of these things?

Yes. Dr Colm O’Loghlen has been a dentist in Tralee for many years. He has done extensive training around the world to enable him to offer a range of treatments to the residents of Kerry. For more information on Tralee Dentist Dr Colm O’loghlen’s qualifications click here.

I'd like to improve the appearance of my smile... How do I know what results can be achieved?

Every case is different.  Due to the large number of people being treated in our dental practice in Tralee, Dr Colm O’loghlen and his team will be able to show you photographs of similar cases which they have completed.  For examples please see our photo gallery.

I have medical or dental insurance. Am I covered?

We are registered with all major insurers. However, due to the wide variety of insurance plans available we are not always able to advise on specific cover. Please contact your insurance provider directly for details of your entitlements. 

Why are whitening products only available from Dentists?

After numerous disasters and litigation cases the Irish government has implemented European Union law controlling the sale of whitening products. From October 2012 only dental professionals will be able to provide whitening.
We take precision moulds of the teeth, and provide you with a safe, effective, Irish medicines board approved whitening gel to apply at home daily.
The results are long lasting and do not cause any damage to the gums or teeth.