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All-on-4 denture stabilisation and sedation 

Making an appointment and going in for the first consultation was such a huge step to take and was very difficult for me. Having someone strange look at my teeth, because I was so embarrassed of them.

I lost my first tooth at 13 – (A front tooth). I was always placed at the back in the school photos, hiding my smile. It was a big step to even visit the dentist as I’d had dentures since I was 17.

Confidence is a huge thing – you don’t want to smile at people – or even engage in conversation.

My top lip had sunken in, because I’d had dentures for so many years. It upset me at the aging effect that had on my appearance.

The dentures were often painful. Especially certain foods like the seeds from raspberries getting stuck under them. I used to get sores from the dentures rubbing, where the fit was bad, and the pain and bleeding caused me to go to the chemist to see if they could do anything, but they couldn’t help.

The dentures where affecting the enjoyment of my life so much, parties and weddings were so scary for me. I used to practice for photographs… do the posh spice look  – a miserable pout.

So I made a huge leap and made an appointment to have a chat with Tralee dentist Dr Colm O’Loghlen.

I didn’t know what to expect – I didn’t think he would have much to work with, as I’d have dentures for so long, the bone of my upper jaw had shrunken back so much that my dentures were even falling out when I laughed, which again was so distressing.

During my consultation, Colm was very kind and patient. He spent time with me explaining my options, costs and time involved.

Once home I went straight to my husband, who asked… So… Can he help you? I was nervous, but excited and said, Yes, I think he can!

My friend dropped me off on the morning of the procedure. I was pretty calm – as I was looking forward to a better quality of life.

When I got into the dental surgery I was a little panicky, but Colm reassured me and said the time will fly and won’t seem to take as long as it does.

I had sedation – the time did fly! I knew what was going on – but felt very comfortable. I could see and hear, but I was very calm and relaxed.

I had 4 implants in my upper jaw. I didn’t feel them going in, and it didn’t hurt at all – I can’t even remember feeling any pressure. (This was due to the sedation).

I was taken home for the afternoon by my friend, and I was a little sleepy, but then I returned later that evening and was fitted with new teeth fastened to my new implants.

Colm told me that I could get swelling to my face and feel very sore… but I just didn’t – I was sitting, waiting for it – but I think I was very luck y – it was all plain sailing.

I had a review a couple of days later, and Colm was thrilled with my healing.

After the 6th day, the small amount of swelling in my face had gone back to normal and the little bruising that had occurred had gone.

After a few weeks of healing and trialing my new teeth (which were a temporary set) I was fitted with my final teeth.

I am so happy. Colm really has changed my life.

I always used to do my eye makeup, to take away the attention of my mouth, but now I put lipstick on too!

My whole face is now like the way it should have been.

I used to suffer from dry mouth with my dentures and I’d have to take a drink after every mouthful of food, diluting the flavor. Even that is better. – I can get half way through my dinner now, before even needing a sip of water.

My enjoyment of food – the flavour and the texture is just so much better. I find I eat more – I always finish my dinner!

Would you recommend a friend?  Yes. Absolutely.

You can spend money on cars – they come and go – but this has really changed my life.

I am so thrilled to show off my teeth – and all my friends and family can see why I went for this option. No way I’d go back.  No regrets.

I’m now looking to the future – SMILING!!! I feel so much younger.

You can’t put a price on happiness  – and Colm truly has made me smile again.

Thank you.


What Invisalign did for me?

I agonized over many months as to what I would do about my teeth, as they had over a period of time become most unattractive, uneven and ‘misplaced’.

1. I didn’t feel like looking in the mirror much!!

2. I didn’t fancy, at my age, in opting for conventional braces.

3. Saw Dr O’Loghlen’s promotional advertisement in a newspaper and I also checked further details online and rang for consultation.

4. I haven’t looked back since. I coped well with the aligners and was particular in following the instructions which was vital for success.

I would highly recommend Invisalign and I am so pleased with the results. They are, without doubt, the clear alternative to braces.

Mrs K.


I have been afraid of the Dentist for as long as I can remember, however from the very first moment I walked into Bridge Place Dental and was greeted by reception I have never looked back! I explained my fear and I was treated with such a kindness and gentleness that I felt totally relaxed with Dr Colm. He examined me and explained what I needed done and realized that my fear was genuine but also that I really wanted my teeth fixed. I opted for the sedation and made my appointment.
I arrived very nervous but I was constantly reassured and comforted, next thing I remember I woke up and my teeth were all done, 13 fillings!! I really cannot thank Dr Colm O’Loghlen and his entire team for the level of care I received and I would highly recommend the Practice. I intend to return in the very near future to have my invisalign done there, and have the smile I always dreamed of!!


Denture Stabilisation

I can highly recommend Colm and his excellent staff for providing a Top Class “local service” on my dental implants. No more dentures means no more food getting stuck underneath and it feels like having my original teeth again.