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Sedation and Nervous Patients

Fear of the dentist is very common. If you are concerned about any aspect of your dental experience please tell us.

We welcome nervous patients and will always take the time to explain things and treat you at your own pace.

We can prescribe tablets to relax you before your treatment but if this is insufficient then intravenous/conscious sedation is also available.

Conscious sedation

This treatment is suitable for patients over 16 years of age who desire treatment but are unable to overcome their fears. An injection in the arm allows a sedative drug to be administered that acts quickly to provide powerful relaxation and suppression of awareness. Most patients experience full or partial amnesia afterwards.

Conscious sedation is safer and far more convenient than general anaesthesia as well as permitting a wider range of treatments to be carried out. It is not suitable for children under the age of 16.

Dr. O’Loghlen has completed the Dental Council approved 18 month training program (P. Dip. Consc. Sed.) in Trinity College Dublin that enables dentists to carry out conscious sedation.

See our testimonials page for a first hand account of their experience.